A hug can mean so much when you feel lost or confused

A hug can mean so much when you feel lost or confused

Saturday, 12 March 2011


We live in a society where peer pressure is added to the experience's we encounter. From friends, family members and peers in school...they all can play a role in your life. It's good to be recognize for good, but to be recognized as a follower instead of a leader is not a good look. God promised that you will be the head and not the tail, so why settle for the back when you could be at the front? It's okay to be looked upon by other's when you know you're doing right by God. It's okay to be in school and not be influenced by the negativity that may surround you. It's perfectly fine to say NO...to sex, drugs, stealing or drinking. It shows other's the respect you have for yourself even though they may not say it to your face, their learning from you sticking up for yourself. Many may call you names because you're not 'APART', your DIFFERENT but that's what God wants you to be....set apart form the rest and be different! Remember it's not what they call you, it's what you answer to. So what your not the most popular in school...so what!!!!! I'm most certain your parents want more than a popular kid, your education is worth more than what you might be settling for.

Your thinking.."Man a little sip of this rum won't hurt nobody, even though I'm driving tonight." or "Well my friend say it calm your nerves, wonder how that feels....let me take a puff or two." or "If I have sex with him/her he'll love me or pay more attention to me". 

Have a mind of your own, don't let anyone change your thinking. Just because everyone is drinking to a party doesn't mean you have to. Just because everyone your age is having sex, doesn't mean you have to. Just because everyone is smoking, doesn't mean you have to smoke to. They talked about Jesus so who are you again? Love yourself enough to not hurt yourself. By being under the influence you will not only hurt yourself, but you will disappoint other's as well. Never let your environment define you. You may not be as fortunate as others to be placed in a home where love is shown, or an area where there is no violence, but make the best out of it. Be the change you want to see in the world and your community. There is a chance for everyone to do better and be the best at whatever they set their mind to. When other's see that your focused and not easily persuaded they will never approach you with certain things. People who pressure you have a serious hold on your thoughts and actions. They control what you do and will continue to because you display weakness.

The pressure of another may seem unbearable, but if you're a person who see yourself above the influence your response would be NO THANK YOU. We've all had our share of being pressured to do things we didn't want to, but there was consequences for our actions. To have sex is to get pregnant, to drink is to injure yourself and other's. To steal is to take from another by being selfish/jealous, to smoke is to become slow in thought because it's now eating at your brain. It's only hard to say NO when your not head strong. Get your mind together and there is NO way that PRESSURE will leak or burst your pipe!

Friday, 11 March 2011

You live..You learn..Then get Jesus

Sometimes it may seem as though you are the only person going through your situation, but truth be told you’re not. Understanding that life is about learning, loving and growing will help you to deal with situations as they arise. The love from other’s may change but the love of God remains the same. His hand is unchanging, His love is unconditional, His mercy and grace will save you from captivity of yourself. We are not fighting with flesh and blood, but with spirits and principalities. After you’ve gotten over a speed bump there will be a hill. Coming down that hill will be a ditch and after climbing out of that ditch you will have to crawl. There is a fight for everything, if you have not yet fought get ready because a war is about to take place in your life and you will need to know how to guard your surroundings and shield yourself. Don't give the devil no authority over what God has already blessed - that's your happiness and future.

Be blessed

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Don't give up on the one thing God has placed within you to share!

Often times we let our past control our present, especially when it comes to relationships. Because the ex hurt us we feel like we can never love again because of fear and the unknown of how things will end. When we have faith we unknowingly hold on to a promise, the same should be for a new relationship. Not knowing what’s to come, yet still loving like you’ve never been hurt. I can’t seem to count how many times I’ve been hurt, but love another as though I’ve never been hurt before. You determine your happiness, whether you see yourself further than where you are now.

Ask yourself this...What if God was to give up on working on me when I hurt him with sin? How would I fee.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wish I may..Wish I might

There are possibilities of me falling weak
And there are also possibilities of me regaining my strength
It all starts with me.
Wish I may, wish I might
Have peaceful thoughts before going to bed at night

Flashbacks of how he would beat me
To the point of me not responding
It all started with me.
I gave him authority...though I may have warned him in the beginning 
I did nothing, so he kept doing it like it was his duty
Wish I may, wish I might
Stand up to him with little or no fright

I told my mom he came on to me
She said I don't ever want to see her happy
It all started with me
When I told my Dad to stay but he left.
I guess this is the result of a woman in distress
Wish I may wish I might
Find my mom a Mr. RIGHT

Every time I give my heart
It's shattered into pieces.
They say love like you've never been hurt but
my question is when will the hurt go away so that I may love again?
It all started with me
When I made excuses not to give myself away
When I remained locked up in my thoughts not realizing that love carry's no wrongs.
Wish I may, wish I might
Descern the spirit of dark and light.

These wishes ......these wishes.... will make everything alright.